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Smiles Delivered!

10 Million Smiles.

As I write this letter, I’m smiling ear to ear and I’m filled with an immense sense of gratitude, amazement, joy, the excitement for the journey of a lifetime we’ve been fortunate to be a part of and the bright future that awaits us. 

In 2016, we started DentroLux as a luxury dental marketing company to give Dental Practices across the United States a premium marketing experience unlike ever before. Growing up in Dentistry with more than 5 generations of our family dedicated to caring for smiles, our family has personally seen both the best and worst when it came to the business side of dentistry. Almost daily, fly by night marketing companies would come to our family practice, offering the next magic bullet with big promises at prices that were an arm and a leg, with no guarantees, and long contracts. 

After a shocking discovery that one of these companies had in fact taken advantage of our practice, I decided enough was enough and that not only did our family practice deserve better, but so did dentists across the United States. 

From the very beginning, at DentroLux, we focused on relationships and began by helping a small number of Dental Practices grow on the solid foundation of trust, love, integrity, and honesty. Over the years, I would have never imagined that DentroLux would grow to become a global enterprise and that we’d be able to provide a Premium Experience on a scale never before seen in Dentistry; with prices that made our family of dentists smile ear to ear.

When we started DentroLux in 2016, DentroLux had 7 Premium Services built by leading experts with our dedicated team proudly serving a select number of dentists. As we continued to help our family of Dental Practices grow, we discovered that their needs continued to grow as well. We focused on servicing those needs and treating every practice like it was our very own and saw that as our Dental Practices became more successful with their positive reputations growing – the more and more dentists saw that “DentroLux Difference” and wanted to become part of the DentroLux Family too. 

Two years later in 2018, with more and more dentists wanting to join the family, the DentroLux Executive Team had a tough decision to make: 

Option 1– remain exclusive and service a smaller number of dentists at a reasonable but premium price to remain profitable 


Option 2– invest heavily for the long term and help bring our already reasonable prices down to a level that a family practice in a small town could afford.

The leadership at DentroLux decided to take the path less traveled and took a huge risk by changing our business model in its entirety and began heavily investing into infrastructure that could sustain premium quality for an ever growing number of dentists. While other companies in our industry were focused on company profits and in turn raising the prices for dentists, DentroLux decided to take a stand. From that point forward our slogan at the time of “Luxury Dental Marketing” became a new promise and Smile Mission of “Giving Dentists a Reason to Smile!” 

No matter what it would take, DentroLux committed to helping our growing Family of Dentists get more patients, achieve more reach in their communities, deliver more results, increase their patient retention with our custom content on social media, develop new systems, launch more proprietary services, find more solutions for our Family of Dentists lowering their stress, all of this delivered and developed with lower prices, lower wait times, and the complete peace of mind that DentroLux would always strive to make our family of dentists smile.

I’m proud to say that this risk and commitment to excellence has resulted in the Smilestone we all share today. By treating each Dental Practice with the love, care, and attention as we would to our very own family practice that we grew up in- together our entire DentroLux Family has brought the world more than 10 Millions Smiles! 

From a small number of select dental practices and 7 services offered in the beginning, to a DentroLux Family of Dentists spanning nations with a portfolio of Smile Services now offering more than 24 Smile Services / Smile Departments all dedicated to “Giving Dentists A Reason To Smile!”, it brings peace to my heart knowing that we have become home to you all. As I always pictured it. One, big, smiling, family.

As I write this letter, I realize that for the first time in the history of dentistry, our Dental Community as a whole has come together unlike ever before. We’ve guided one another through times of abundance and uncertainty- rain or shine, in-person, online, and together have reached a Smilestone worth celebrating: 10 Million Smiles Delivered to our beautiful world!

“A smile can change someone’s day, and that day can change someone’s life forever. Let’s all just spread smiles… together.”

As dentists and members of the DentroLux Family, 10 Millions Smiles is only the beginning, and together we can deliver 1 Billion Smiles to our world by 2025. For that to happen, we promise to stay true to our Smile Mission of “Giving Dentists A Reason To Smile!”

With all this excitement, I wanted to personally announce a few Smile Announcements to celebrate our Smilestone.

Beginning October 1st, 2020, DentroLux will officially launch the following new Smile Tools to better enhance your dental practice Smile Experience:

  • DentroDash (for all DentroLux Smile Members) will now have a new Smile Feature where you can access and virtually see every Smile Pack you currently have on your DentroLux Smile Subscription
  • DentroDash (for all DentroLux Smile Members) will now have 24/7 Smile Portal to be able to easily upload before and afters / testimonials virtually onto your personal DentroDash for your DentroLux Smile Teams to begin creating custom social media Smile Posts for your Facebook, Instagram, and your DentroLux Dream Dental Practice Website
  • DentroLux will be launching our very own Smile App on your mobile devices (compatible with Google and iOs platform) to be able to upload before and after photos / testimonials straight from your mobile device onto a HIPAA compliant secured DentroLux Smile Database where your DentroLux Team can begin creating your Smile Posts (making building your dental brand even more seamless as possible!)

Cheers to 10 Million Smiles! We would not have done it without you all. I would like to personally thank not only the dentists for their trust and love, but take a moment and thank our entire global team who works day and night making your smiles a reality. TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. A team works together- no matter what happens. It’s unimaginable what a united team can achieve and accomplish, and today, we have already seen a glimpse. 10 Million Smiles is just the beginning of us delivering 1 Billion Smiles to our world, and I cannot wait to celebrate the next Smilestone with you all!

As my grandma used to tell me, “Always remember to be happy in life. You never know who will fall in love with your… smile.”

Lots of Love.. and let the smiles continue,

Unser Ahmed

Founder and CEO, DentroLux